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Recover allows for a closed-loop and truly sustainable fashion industry.

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The Recover + Exchange Program offers Brand/Retail/and Factory Partners a closed-loop solution for end-of-life waste management.

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Recover allows for a closed-loop and truly sustainable fashion industry. Textiles made from Recover Fiber can flow through the recycling process for many life-cycles. Recover creates long-lasting, high-value products in each successive generation.

Used clothes and garment production waste is submitted.

Old garments and textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling.

We recover used clothing and textile waste.

Recover collects and sorts textile waste resources from all over the planet.

Recover recycles textile waste into new Recover fiber.

Cutting and shredding what was once considered “waste” into valuable new Recover fiber.

Recover fibers are made Into new yarns and fabrics.

Recover fibers are spun into yarns and then knit or woven into new textiles for virtually every product application imaginable.

New products are made
from Recover fabrics.

Apparel, accessories, home, and industrial products are cut and sewn from textiles made with Recover fiber.

Products made with Recover are purchased.

Fashion, accessory, and home goods are bought, used, and eventually worn-out, at which point they can be returned to the Recover recycling process.

Closing the Loop on Fashion