70 Years of History

Led by the Ferre family, Recover™ has grown with the strong belief that recycling is the most innovative way to transform the fashion industry.

Recover™ Team

The Recover™ recycling process is led by a team of experts in textiles, fashion and sustainability who work to propel the development of a closed-loop industry.

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Antonio Ferre opens a textile factory in his native Banyeres de Mariola, a small town in Alicante, Spain.


A second generation of Ferres has a huge vision and introduces a game-changing innovation: turn textile waste into yarn.


Recover™ is born Ferre gives a name to its recycled product line: Recover™, a name that defines a process and a commitment to sustainability.


Recover™’s unique recycling process is officially launched with major global brands and retailers worldwide


A fourth generation of Ferres preserves its unique expertise in fiber recycling and remains dedicated to bring the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibers to the global market. The new strategic partnership with Story3 Capital allows Recover™ to scale its impact even further and close the loop on fashion. .