70 Years of History

The Ferre Company has grown with the strong belief that upcycling is the most innovative way to transform the fashion industry.

Recover Team

The Recover Upcycled Textile System is led by a team of experts in textiles, fashion and sustainability who work to propel the development of a closed-loop industry.

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Antonio Ferre opens a textile factory in his native Banyeres de Mariola, a small town in Alicante, Spain. The business begins small, making jute and other bast-fibre fabrics. Antonio Ferre sells bags for fertilizers in economically depressed Spain while most of Europe’s countries are involved in World War I, and he makes it through the tough interwar years. Faced with another shortage of supplies during the difficult Spanish post civil war years of the 1940s, a second generation of Ferres has a huge vision and a game changing innovation: turn textile waste into yarn.


The Ferre family starts recycling textile waste into cotton yarn and has been turning waste into resources ever since. Transforming global supply chains to recover raw materials, reduce the use of water and chemicals and the emission of CO2, and forging partnerships with trusted brands and manufacturers who match Ferre’s commitment with the environment. Most proud of pioneering sustainable materials and processes, Ferre allows for a truly closed-loop fashion industry and continues to strengthen the values that have defined its reputation over the company’s 100 year history: sustainability, product quality, process innovation, state of the art technology and upcycled cotton yarn authority.


Ferre gives a name to is unique system of textile waste collection and recycling:
Recover, a name that defines both the company’s process and purpose.


The Recover Upcycled Textile System is officially launched with major global brands and retailers worldwide.

Today, a third generation of Ferres are active and involved in the precious house of Upcycled Cotton Yarns that has been carefully built over many decades. But for them, it is much more than a family business.