Recover™ Recycled Cotton Fiber is one of the most sustainable cotton solution available on the market today.

Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) enables brands and manufacturers to measure and score the environmental impact of materials used in creating textile products, compare their products to the rest of the industry and make better decisions about material use.

According to the Higg MSI, Recover™ recycled cotton fiber generously outperforms virgin equivalent fibers, conventional cotton and organic cotton, across all 5 impact categories: Global warming potential, Eutrophication, Water scarcity, Fossil fuel depletion and Chemistry.

Measuring is a principal driver of change in the industry. We need environmental transparency so we can make better choices and make a positive impact.


Traceable and transparent

Recover™ measures and shares the environmental performance of its fiber products. All sustainability claims are supported by third-party certifications as well as studies that Recover has conducted using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology.